Just Say NO

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience personal development working moms Oct 26, 2021
🙌Most people waste years of their lives saying “yes” to everything that crosses their path. These people may be successful, but more often than not, they feel stuck.
🙌They may feel drained, exhausted, and “OVERWORKED” (this is another way the “over/under cycle” shows up) and they suffer from fear of missing out on opportunities (FOMO).
🙌They come home late from work with little energy left for the people who are most important to them.
🙌The truth is that really successful people say “no” to just about everything and say yes to the right things for them.
🙌Why does this make them VERY successful?
🔥Successful people know what makes them tick! Successful people know their personal “why” and they work in their zone of genius. They don’t venture into things that are outside that zone and that will distract them from their goal. They know that they are quite capable of doing the thing that is being asked, but they are also aware that someone else can also do that thing AND it will be in that person's zone of genius.
🔥Another reason that VERY SUCCESSFUL people say “no” is that they create a margin in their life for rest and balance. They create space to think and innovate, where OVERLY BUSY people do not have time to think.
🔥Another reason they are VERY SUCCESSFUL is that they know how their brain works.
🔥They know that their brain solves problems the same way all the time. They know that they have blind spots.
🔥They know that other VERY SUCCESSFUL people hire coaches to help them think about their thinking. People like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Bill Gates, very successful people use coaching as a tool to accelerate their growth, to think about their thinking, and to dynamically solve problems in their work and life.
🔥These people make confident decisions because they are keeping their “why” front and center in their lives.
🔥Are you ready to evaluate your patterns of the “over/under cycle” that are keeping you from creating balance and time to BE present for the things that matter most to you? If so, DM me.
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