"Forgiveness does not change the past, but enlarges the future". Paul Boose

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Paul Burns wrote about forgiveness and our narratives. He says, "A very key element to forgiving and healing is about which narrative of your life you choose to believe and live in.


Consider Joseph in Genesis. His brothers really did him wrong, but God was creating a different narrative. He was able to forgive his brothers by choosing God's narrative instead of the narrative created by his brothers, and he said, "Even though you intended to do harm to me, God intended it for good, in order to preserve numerous people, as he is doing today."


Forgiveness means letting go of the narratives of the world's harm and embracing the narrative of God's goodness and salvation.


Believe and live God's intention for your life!"


The story of Joseph has always amazed me, yet I know that we all have our own Joseph (stories) narratives.


For years, I let a narrative I created in my brain about several real and painful situations shape the way I viewed the world. It was only through processing, in a safe community, under the microscope of God's word, was I able to make sense of the evil that occurred and move on towards healing.


This is the favorite part of my work. Helping other women make sense of their narratives because it is a game-changer!


God has been so faithful to me and I believe Joseph experienced the same faithfulness. And you can too! The ability to make sense of our story is huge and then giving up all expectations that others comply with your renewed narrative.


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