Escape from Alcatraz

mindset and goals parenting working moms Sep 05, 2021

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary is located on Alcatraz island about 1.25 miles from San Francisco, which doesn't seem that far away….does it? The facility is now closed, however, when it was open there were 36 escaped attempts during it's history, most ended in death.

It reminded me of the COVID thing. The amount of times our household has been on lockdown since this started has been draining. But why?

I think the key reason is that we were made to live in relationship with others! For young adults, being free outside of the home is one of the main places they learn to develop themselves. They learn so many lessons from the social interactions they have with those outside of the family.

Lessons that are not learned in our homes.

You see, our homes are a safe place for young adults to come back and touch base, rest and process, but they were never meant to be a penitentiary.

Part of raising young adults is learning to loosen the reigns of control so that your young adult can learn, grow, make mistakes, and flourish.

This is so hard for us as moms to make this transition alone. Why? Because this transition comes with all kinds of huge thoughts and emotions, our brains are trying hard to keep everybody safe and everything comfortable! For years, moms have sacrificed their lives for their families and the change is hard and disturbing in many ways. Even though we've been training for this all of their lives, it still seems to sneak up on us! Using some brain hacks, we can manage this discomfort and move forward confidently from an empowering stance.

In our home, as we exit another lockdown, everyone breaths a sign of relieve as we get to be free again and roam in the outside world. Our young adults get to continue to figure out their lives, and we get to figure out ours. 

I love helping moms with this transition and then helping them find purpose in this new chapter of their lives. Please reach out if this is you, I can help!