Earning my place at the table

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience parenting personal development working moms Nov 16, 2021

🎱I’ve always loved participating in sports that required eye/hand coordination.

🎱When I was growing up, it was a game of pool.  I played daily with my friends….my Dad played his whole life and it was a part of how I grew up.  I have memories of being a young kid in a pool hall with my dad, standing on milk crates rolling the balls around the table.

🎱The goal in the game of pool was to basically win so many games that you kept your place at the table.

🎾As I grew up, I changed the games to tennis and golf.  In tennis, the job to win the match, and travel up the ladder of success was always tugging at me.  I remember feeling bad about myself if I lost a match.  I remember feeling like I let others down (I played doubles tennis and was always on a team!).  I’ve left tennis since COVID and miss that little yellow ball a little, but all of my attention has shifted to a little white ball for recreation….golf.

⛳️What I love about golf is that I get to practice my eye-hand coordination, walk in nature and reflect, chase a little white ball around, but the competition is always about my best score against the course. 

🙌You see, that takes the direct competition with other humans off the table for me (which was always an internal struggle for someone who was made to connect and empathize with others.) 

🙌What I learned is that when I see other humans as my competition and my worth as something to be earned, I’m giving my power to things outside of myself.

🙌I needed to change my brain about this….because it was a habitual way of thinking for me. I’m so glad I did, because not only did it change the way I approach my sports, but it changed my relationships and my business.

🙌Every day, I work with women who struggle with equating their personal value and worth with their performance.  If it’s a good day, they feel good.  If it’s a bad day, they feel bad. 

🙌It’s just another sneaky way the Over/Under cycle shows up in their lives.  They UNDERvalue what they bring to the table as a person and OVER VALUE performance and all the externals. As we work together, we change their brains, one thought at a time, and they walk away confident and empowered to tackle what God puts before them.

🙌Through this process, I learned who to take back the power in my life.  I was no longer willing to give my power away and live in the performance trap. Now, I’m talking about sports, but this translates to all areas of life…..Parenting? Work? Relationships?  

🙌I learned that I don't need to earn my place at the table, I just need to show up, be present with others, do my best on a given day, and let God handle the rest and this feels really good!

🙌Quitting the Over/Under cycle and living a balanced life is possible as you change your brain, one thought at a time!

🙌I hope this encourages someone out there!

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