Connect to Affect

neuroscience parenting personal development working moms Oct 11, 2021

What an honor to speak this week for the Gentle Parenting Summit! My mind was blown by the thousand moms who stepped forward to BE their best!

Your hearts to learn and sharpen your tools has been such a joy!

💥Watching these parents avoid the common mistake by thinking their teens are just going through a phase and hoping It will pass, was such an encouragement.

💥The truth is this, the phase does not pass and we need to be intentional about our parenting. The more your teen practices the behavior that will not help them in their future, the more Ingrained It becomes In their brains pathways.

💥Our role Is to help them in the processing and accessing parts of their brains that are not fully developed yet.

💥Just like my client, Jenny, who before working with me had her teenage son camping out in his bedroom, refusing to do chores, playing video games all day, leaving his dirty dishes in the sink….you know all the things.

💥She was at her wits end.

💥While working with me, we created a plan and a solution that led to connection and results.

💥Now Jenny and her son get along, there is a mutual respect.

💥They’ve learned to communicate respectfully to each other even In the heat of conflict, and her son does chores, taking responsibility for his role In the home.

💥You too can have a better relationship with your teen, tween or twenty-something! I help moms become anchored souls who connect and affect.

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