Choose Your Words Carefully

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πŸ”₯The words we choose matter! I love how this author gives us practical words to show others that we love and care for them.
πŸ”₯It doesn't matter if this is a dialogue with your teen, tween, twenty something......or your spouse.....or your co-worker, how we address others determines the quality of our relationships.
πŸ”₯When someone get mad and says something in a harsh way, get curious instead of getting furious!
πŸ”₯First pause and collect your own emotions. Often when someone is harsh, we get triggered into a fight, flight or freeze response.
πŸ”₯Here our brains react like they always react. They solve problems habitually like they always solve problems. So, if your habitually reaction is to lash out back at someone, get silent, or run out of the room and slam the door, then that will be your reaction. Why? Because your brain likes to automate.
πŸ”₯The good news is that you can create new ways of solving problems and rewire those pathways by being intentional.
πŸ”₯Pausing lets us drop inwardly for a moment and get curious about our own reaction and the other person's state of mind.
πŸ”₯While we pause, take some deep breathes. This calms our excited system down and releases the feel good hormones so we can relax and think clearly.
πŸ”₯Once we are thinking clearly (all this goes on inside your mind and body), then we can jump through connecting with the other person.
πŸ”₯You cannot affect another person until you connect with the. This is why I build up anchored souls who connect and affect others and the world. This is something that can be learned.
πŸ”₯Just imagine how different the situation would be if you choose different words during this situation. Instead of "why are you getting so angry?" to the other person, try this, "I hear you. You feel strongly about this". (teach through love).
πŸ”₯What does this do? This is a connecting response so the other person knows you care and it opens dialogue to get under the surface and really get to know someone in a supportive and deeper way.
πŸ”₯I challenge you to memorize this statement and when you start thinking internally "why are you so angry?".....say this instead.
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