Are You Ready?

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience parenting personal development spiritual development working moms Oct 21, 2021

I am currently looking for three motivated women who want to break free from the OVER/UNDER CYCLE that keeps you looping back to guilt and shame. 




The OVER/UNDER CYCLE is all those socially accepted things that we do regularly that leave us feeling stuck, unbalanced, stressed out, guilty or feeling shame. 


They could be:

-OVER working

-OVER analyzing

-OVER scrolling

-OVER drinking

-OVER eating

-OVER functioning in others lives

-OVER parenting your teens, tweens, or twenties

-OVER committing

-OVER shopping

-OVER exercising

-UNDER performing

-UNDER engaging

-UNDERmining your confidence

-UNDERestimating your worth

-UNDER exposure to truth

-UNDERrate your values

-UNDERstate your voice

We enter the OVER/UNDER CYCLE when we have emotional discomfort that we are unconsciously trying to numb. The truth is, that you can live in the OVER/UNDER CYCLE for years and many people do. These same people find life monotonous and often feel stuck. 


If you are ready to break free and manage those thoughts and emotions, please reach out!  It’s guaranteed when you take this step, you will see a drastic improvement in all of your relationships, your work and your life.