20 Years Laters

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience spiritual development Sep 11, 2021
It’s been 20 years, I remember the day, exactly who I was with and what I was doing. The grief, all the big emotions, the smoke, and the images.
You see, on the East coast, being in the NY metro area, we all lost family members, friends and whole pieces of our community.
We lost pieces of of heart. This year, and every year, the wounds are reopened for many.
Actually, for many, the wounds has remained open continuously (if this is you, extra love and prayers), and the circumstances of this year have poured salt on them.
You see, all throughout my community, the helpers from the Tri-State area ran to ground zero, instead of running from it.
Those who survived cannot forget.
The images, the PTSD, the medical conditions that will plague their lives forever.
So, no we will never forget. Many can’t forget.
Thank you to all of the helpers. We honor your sacrifice.
This is a reminder to live every day as the gift from God that it is.
Love big, live well and know Christ! He does not run from you, He does not leave you. He does not forsake you. He is with you. Turn to Him today.