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AM 970 and iHeart NYC Radio Appearance

leadership mindset and goals neuroscience personal development Jun 18, 2022
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Doreen Steenland
AM 970 and iHeart NYC Radio Appearance
As a thought leader with the Change your Attitude, Change your life team of experts, I get to be featured regularly on NYC radio AM 970 The Answer, "Conversations with Joan" with Joan Herrmann.  Joan is privileged to interview some of the most inspirational and influential people (such as Jack Canfield, Mel Robbins, & Dr. Rick Hanson to name a few) in the world on important topics that help to change your life!  These interviews are also streamed on iHeart radio.
Well, this is my week.  I get to participate on a segment of this show airing June 19th alongside Joan and Alan Stein, Jr. Author of Sustain Your Game: High Performance Keys to Manage Stress, Avoid Stagnation, and Beat Burnout
"If you want to remain a champion, you must level up what you did to become a champion."  Alan discusses how the highest performers in sports and business have been able to create long-term success while simultaneously managing unparalleled pressure and stress.  Alan is a renowned veteran basketball performance coach, who spent more than 15 years with high performing athletes such as NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Kobe Bryant.  Alan served as a performance consultant for Nike Basketball, Jordan Brand, and McDonald's All-American Game.  
I'm honored to have my short segment with Joan and Alan.  
What do we have in common?  We both have a passion for helping people reach their highest level of success by managing their stress and the internal landscape of their lives.  We have a commitment to the fundamental building blocks of a successful life that are totally necessary with our current societal stressors so you can make a lasting impact on this world. 
Stress is inevitable and there is hope that you can manage it and avoid burnout.
I'm a pattern buster and stress disruptor, reach out if I can help.