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Becoming Unhackable at work and life

An Online Course to help you close the gap between dreaming and doing 

For busy professional women who want to make a difference

Doreen Steenland, Certified Unhackable Coach & Speaker

Do you feel constantly distracted?
Do you feel your mind being tugged in many different directions?
Are you unclear about what your next best step should be?
Our bodies are made up of systems and our brains are like computers!  Just like a computer can be hacked, stalled, frozen, or slowed down, spin in circles, so can your brain!


hack (def): to gain unauthorized access to a system or computer

Just like phones, computers, and FaceBook accounts get hacked, people get hacked, too.  A deeper look reveals that your body is comprised of systems, and your brain is like a computer.



Here's how I KNOW you've been hacked:

Ever set an awesome goal you wanted to achieve?


Ever have an amazing idea?


If you're like most people then you started out excited, ready to implement your idea.

But then something happened.


Chances are you and your dream got sidelined somewhere along the way.

Maybe you just got distracted or lost focus? If you've experienced this, then you're not alone.

Just like phones and computers get hacked, people get hacked too.

We get hacked in our relationships, in our communication, and in our productivity.

And unless you find a solution then you're destined to repeat the same pattern.

You'll stay stuck and frustrated.


Isn't it time you discovered how to

Become Unhackable

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You might be...


  • Ready to tackle obstacles that keep you from achieving your desires

  • Ready to implement your amazing ideas without getting hacked

  • Ready to lose the weight you were determined to lose in 2020

  • Considering starting a new side-hustle to make your hobby a money-making proposition

  • Eager to take back control of your life after everything seemed to go sideways this year

  • Determined to achieve the business goals you set back in January - and you're behind your targets

  • Wanting to increase your income, influence, and impact in 2021, but not sure how to set yourself up for success

  • Tired of trying time-management and self-help books that just make you feel guilty for not experiencing positive results

Let's talk about who this course is designed for...

You have a dream that's big and plenty of desire to achieve it because you know it will give you the ability to do what you love and still have time for other things that are important. 


Or maybe you don't know your why.....this course will help guide you to figure it out once and for all!

By the end of the program

you will have:

​√  Defined your deepest desire and what it actually looks like


√  Ditching Mom guilt and finding your life at home & work

√  Identified the obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward.

 Becoming present for the things and people that matter most to you

√  Determined the big "why" behind your dream that will keep you motivated to              achieve it.

√  Eliminated the extra "stuff" that is keeping you drained of energy and creativity.

√  Set your goals and taken the first steps to make your dream a reality.

√  Discovered the steps you need to take to get into a flow state mentally with near-          perfect execution

√  Taken big leaps forward toward completing your goals because of your clarity and      focus.

√  Tap into your hidden desires and make them a reality

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The Content

Part 1


Days 1-5


  • Identify the story you've been telling yourself about why you haven't been able to live your dream. It's time to stop blaming your circumstances or other people and speak positive truth about your future.

  • Become the hero in your own journey as you courageously take the first steps out of the familiar and into the place where you have to take action (and maybe where you just might fail of God doesn't show up.)

  • Stop focusing on what's been holding you back and instead focus on what you CAN do.

  • Decide that the fear you face is not as important as the impact you will make if you follow through.

Part 2

Flawless Idea Anatomy

Days 6-12


  • Clarify the "why" behind your big dream and set a goal to reach it.

  • Identify the small steps you've already taken to achieve your dream, and the next small step you need to take.

  • Understand that the key to success is actually enthusiasm, and begin to prove the nay-sayers wrong!

  • Visualize your dream as completed before you begin to ask the "how" questions."

Part 3

Deliberate Magnetic Focus

Days 13-19


  • Understand the importance of setting deadlines.​

  • Learn how your brain's RAS filter works to enable you to see possibilities - or to hack you if you let it.

  • Identify ways to increase your energy naturally, without caffeine or other stimulants.

  • Decide which opportunities or activities are not helping you move forward towards your dream - and deal with them.

  • Become a creator and eliminate energy drainers that keep you too busy to actually "create" the life you want.​

Part 4

Optimal Human Performance

Days 20-26


  • Understand the neurobiology of flow and how to achieve it.​

  • Learn how to silence your inner critic in order to enter a flow state.

  • Discover the four stages of flow and your unique ways to enter a flow state using consistent triggers.​

  • Experience a state of flow and make tremendous progress toward your dream in a short time period.

Part 5

Celebrate Your Boon

Days 27-30


  • Restate your deepest desire and commit to pursuing it by claiming the goal and the promise of success.

  • Let people know about it with courage and conviction.


I am fully confident that the Unhackable process will change your life if you are committed to implementing the strategies. However, if you aren't satisfied with the content, you may request a refund before you begin Day 6.