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~As a Neuro Confidence Coach, I'm Passionate About Empowering Moms to Become Unhackable~

Why Unhackable? 


I couldn't train people effectively on becoming unhackable if I hadn't been hacked myself.  For years, I let my story and internal chatter dictate the direction of my life. Many times, our stories come from wounds and words we repeat to ourselves. Often we don't even realize how we are speaking to ourselves until we begin to challenge our thoughts and emotions.  This is where my journey towards becoming unhackable began. As I was studying to become a life coach, I gained a new internal awareness of my self-sabotage.    

The truth is, for years I lived as if I were not enough.  I didn't do enough, couldn't be enough, no matter how hard I worked or what I achieved.  I was being hacked by my own thoughts and they were holding me back from reaching my goals. 


Right now the stakes are really high for being hacked by many other outside influences, we live in a world of constant distraction; we call it the Attention Economy.  Marketers, talking heads, political parties, social media, video streaming are all vying to gain your attention. 


Guess what, whenever you give your attention to something and it distracts you from your intention, you are being hacked!

Dallas Willard says,  "The first act of love is the giving of attention." I'm afraid there are many things keeping us distracted and stealing our attention from our most important people. If we want to love well, we need to become Unhackable. Our brains are a human complex computer system and we are living in a world of constant distraction which is hacking our attention.


"A life of distractions will never produce a life of meaning and the most edifying thing in the life of a teen is a parent who is Unhackable." Kary Oberbrunner


If we want to Unhackable Moms we need to learn how to truly be present for others. And this is just the first step.

Even after my awareness, I was hacked! I've been guilty of phubbing (snubbing them for my phone) my loved ones!  Whenever I allow unauthorized access to my attention, I've been hacked.  Being hacked has kept me from accomplishing major things in my family and my business!

How do I know that I've been hacked?

When I feel out of control, confused, not good enough to accomplish the task before me, and when I feel like I have nothing to offer society.  These feelings are indicator lights that I am being hacked by someone or something.  Living a hacked life is laced with anxiety and inefficiency.  

Why Moms of Teens?

Living through my teenage years and thriving after many life-changing events gives me a unique look at life from the teenager's eyes.  Equipping Moms with tools to support and empower their teens has become my life mission.  

The Plan:

In my group, Countdown to Launch: Secrets to prepare your young adults to courageously step into adulthood. I will help you connect with, communicate with, be fully present, and BECOME the ONE to LOVE WELL so you can empower your teens to live unhackable lives. You will walk away with a toolbox full of strategies and techniques. Helping others learn how to BE the one to love well is my passion.  Loving well starts with loving yourself & God and then overflows to others.  It's an inside job and life coaching helps that work happen faster and more efficiently.

Using my unique 5-D Launchpad method, you will see a change in your family. Most people get stuck with obtaining new knowledge and not applying it. The result:  nothing changes.  With the proven Unhackable tools, you can become a person who applies real techniques to your real life.

It is my desire to help people transform their minds, manage their emotions, and manage their thinking to become curious and growth-oriented.  I help Moms launch emotionally competent world-changers who love well!  Becoming Unhackable Moms who empower Unhackable teens!

Imagine having peace and deep, meaningful relationships in the midst of the chaos of daily stressors with your teen or young adult with total focus and presence.  It is possible!

We've all had the dream of raising Godly kids in an ungodly world, only to watch our teens pull away!  It's downright scary as a Mom! It makes us want to cling tighter and set more rules, but they just pull further and further away.


As a Christian Life Coach, I can help you stay grounded and provide you with tools & strategies during the uncertain times with your teen or young adult.  


About Me:

I live in New Jersey with my loving husband and three amazing young adults.  As a registered nurse and a certified professional life coach, I am passionate about helping you grow and change.

I love golfing, biking, hiking, and being outdoors in God's creation. I love teaching the Bible and helping others apply it practically to their everyday lives.  

My training


I completed my nursing degree at Monmouth University.  After years of practicing in the field of nursing and raising a family, I decided to seek a second career in the area of my passion; helping women and families. As an ICF Certified Professional Coach, I can help.

Some of my favorite assessments to help you grow are the Clifton Strength Finder Assessment, the Enneagram, Promised Land Living Program, The Unhackable program, and the Model. 


Your decision and Your Outcome


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