Why Living Full Life Coaching?

 When we are full; we are satisfied!  


You were designed for a unique purpose in this world.


A purpose that taps into your passion & undiscovered potential.


You were born to connect with others & God in deep, meaningful ways.


When we live as designed, we become full of joy, peace, and contentment.  


Secondly, when an object is full of liquid and more liquid is added, it overflows.


When you begin to live intentionally, it will overflow into all the surrounding areas of your life!


Life is no longer mundane, but full!


 "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

John 10:10

About Doreen
~Passionate About Inspiring Others~

My desire is that people would find peace in the midst of chaos through life coaching.


I help others BE the ones who love well.  Themselves, others, and God using transformational neuroscience and life coaching.


I compassionately understand people & encourage growth towards developing deep, meaningful relationships.  I help people to understand how they were designed to live a life full of purpose.

I am a teacher, speaker, registered nurse, and Certified Professional Christian Life Coach located in Spring Lake, NJ. 


I'm a Christian Life Coach. What does this mean for you? It means I bring values of love, grace, mercy, integrity, trust, honesty, and the power of God working through me, into our coaching relationship. 


You need not share my religious beliefs to benefit from Life Coaching with a Christian. Every conversation that takes place during coaching is with your permission; not my agenda. 


I'm a Mom of three children over the age of nineteen and happily married for over two decades.  I enjoy golf, tennis, hiking, biking, and walking outdoors.


My passion


My heart's desire is to come alongside people to discover their passion, purpose, and what they bring to their relationships.  I help others discern what needs to be changed, developed & nurtured to fuel growth.  Next, we decide what strategies are necessary to create depth & fullness in your relationships using transformational neuroscience.  As well as how to reach their goals at work, in the family, and in play.

This coming alongside is a collaborative, dynamic partnership called life coaching.


Through coaching, I have seen others deepen their relationships with God, reignite & increase their intimacy in their marriages, excel at sports, find clarity with second career direction, manage the inner critic, develop their strengths, manage their weaknesses, make connections in their brain that produce lasting change, and strengthen relationships within their sphere of influence.


My work with teens has been very rewarding as I use a multi-sensory approach to the coaching relationship.  I've seen them overcome their fears, develop grit, learn how to manage their emotions, and problem-solve around their sports, school, and relationships.


We all desire to live a full life of peace and purpose, sometimes we just get stuck getting there, coaching can help rewire some of the worn-out paths our brain chooses and helps blaze new trails in our brains.


It is my desire to help people transform their minds and thinking to become curious and growth-oriented.


This exploration of the depths of a clients' heart is an exciting journey that I am passionate about.



Your Outcome


You see, I want YOU to find the joy, contentment, and peace that I have found by exploring the "desires of YOUR heart" and finding YOUR unique purpose amidst the daily grind of life. I want YOU to experience deep, meaningful, relationships that impact your world.


My training


I completed my nursing degree at Monmouth University.  After years of practicing in the field of nursing and raising a family, I decided to seek a second career in the area of my passion; helping women, marriages, groups, and families.


I attended the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI), and presently hold my Certified Professional Christian Life Coach certificate (CPLC) and my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certificate through the ICF.


The PCCI is known internationally and is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


The ICF establishes curriculum standards, a codified set of Practices Standards, credentialing system, and ethical guidelines similar to the American Medical Association.


I currently hold a certification as a SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) facilitator for marital and pre-marital coaching and Group Coaching. 

I am a Strengths Champion certified coach, working with the Clifton Strength Finder Assessment.



Your decision


Why not email me to schedule a complimentary coaching consultation to discover if coaching is right for YOU?