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Relationship quiz

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What is an Emotionally Competent World Changer?

An emotionally competent world changer is a person who is comfortable in their own skin. 

  • IMPACT: They have amazing social skills that will impact, influence, and lead others in this world as they go for their goals.  One can only change the world if they can reach them & they are present for them

  • INFLUENCE: These people know what they believe, and they understand how to communicate it with respect as they stand in their values.

  • INSIGHT: Women who influence empower unhackable teens and communities to block unauthorized access to their thoughts and emotions! These are the kinds of people I help Women Launch into the world!

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We think our circumstances are causing our problems, but that's wrong!

The problem is really our thoughts and emotions about our circumstances that needs to be changed.

You see our brains solve problems the same way all the time, it's more efficient that way.

Coaching helps cut through the brain drama and form new pathways for problem-solving!

No matter what is happening with your family, how you think and feel is impacting your relationships. 

Imagine learning to manage your thoughts and emotions and being able to train your family to do the same!

How Do I Become a Woman who Influences well?

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  • Where you are in your relationship with others?

  • What you are bringing to the relationship?

  • Where you are being hacked?



  • What areas need to be changed

  • What areas need to be developed

  • What areas need to be nurtured to fuel growth

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  • Your next best step for growth & change?

  • What strategies will create your desired result?

  • What strategies will propel the people you influence to world-changer status?

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"In just a month, my thinking has become more positive and I am finally taking control of my life.


Doreen is honest, encouraging, and insightful. She helps guide you through your decisions and makes you see things in yourself that you were not aware of before. Doreen gives you the tools to stay organized, build your confidence, and reach your goals.“ Jamie S.

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"I am better able to step back and notice where thoughts and emotions are coming from.  I am better able to accept that I’m not superwoman and this isn’t all on me.  I love the emotion wheel that was introduced and use it often to better understand where any fear or anger is coming from.  I am able to get calmer easier and talk less, waiting to see what happens.

My younger son wants to go on late night walks with me sometimes so we can talk!

I have let go of control.  When control creeps back up, I am better able to step back and realize that is what I’m trying to do or holding on to.

I can react less based on my emotions…I can better recognize when my brain is getting hacked." Lee Hui

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"Once I discovered that "Life coaching was a viable, life-changing vehicle", I promote it whenever I possibly can.  Doreen was absolutely fantastic.  She strategically kept me focused on moving forward and staying hopeful.  She offered some amazing tools that helped me to see pieces of myself that I didn't even know existed.  She is insightful, encouraging and a motivator; I highly recommend hiring Doreen if you are looking for a professional to help you get unstuck.  With her direction, I am finally moving in a positive direction with excitement and clarity. " Emily R.

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